Date Speaker Topic
Fall, 2014-2015 Colloquia Schedule
September 8 Neil Shephard, Harvard University Low Latency Financial Data: Continuous Time Analysis of Fleeting Discrete Price Moves
September 15 George B. Davis, Knewton, Inc. Scaling Adaptive Education
September 22 Richard Nickl, University of Cambridge The confident Bayesian? On the frequentist validity of Bayesian nonparametric inference
September 29 John Thompson, U.S. Census Bureau Statistics from Public and Private Policy Perspectives: Challenges, Opportunities and Rewards
October 6 David Dunson, Duke University Scalable Bayes
October 16 Daniel Fernandez, Harvard University Bayesian Regression Allelic Imbalance Models, or how to find the biased coins in the fountain of life
October 20 Carlos Carvalho, University of Texas at Austin Decoupled Shrinkage and Selection in Linear Models
October 27 Sudipto Banerjee, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health On Gaussian Process Models for High-Dimensional Geostatistical Datasets
November 3 Ben Calderhead, Imperial College London A General Construction for Parallelising Metropolis-Hastings Algorithms
November 10 Steve MacEachern, Ohio State University The Blended Paradigm: A Bayesian Approach to Handling Outliers and Misspecified Models
November 17 Rina Foygel Barber, University of Chicago Controlling False Discovery Rate via Knockoffs
November 24 Lester Mackey, Stanford University Matrix Completion and Matrix Concentration
December 1 Adrian Raftery, University of Washington Probabilistic Population Projections for All Countries
Spring, 2014-2015 Colloquia Schedule
February 9 (CANCELLED) Veronika Rockova, University of Pennsylvania Fast Bayesian Factor Analysis via Automatic Rotations to Sparsity
February 23 Eric Laber, North Carolina State University Inference for Dynamic Treatment Regimes
March 9 Fabrizia Mealli, Università di Firenze Evaluating the Effect of University Grants on Student Dropout: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design Using Bayesian Principal Stratification Analysis
March 23 Rong Chen, Rutgers University Two Approaches of Analyzing Functional Time Series
March 30 Ben Hansen, University of Michigan Propensity Score Calipers and the Overlap Condition
April 7 (TUESDAY 5:30 PM) Mark McClellan, Brookings Institution
April 13 Hugh Chipman, Acadia University A Statistical Pocket Knife: Generalizing and Extending Ensemble Models
April 20 Gábor J. Székely, National Science Foundation Energy Statistics (E-statistics) and Distance Correlation
April 27 Xuming He, University of Michigan A Consistent and Scalable Bayesian Model Selection Method for Logistic Regression
May 6 Panagiotis Toulis, Harvard University Implicit Stochastic Approximation for Principled Estimation with Large Datasets