Date Speaker Topic
Fall, 2013-2014 Colloquia Schedule
September 9 Donald B. Rubin, Harvard University Essential Concepts for Causal Inference in Experiments and Observational Studies
September 16 Corwin Zigler, Harvard University Uncertainty in Propensity Score Estimation: Bayesian Methods for Variable Selection and Model Averaged Causal Effects
September 30 Judith Rousseau, Université Paris Dauphine On Bayesian nonparametric adaptive estimation under the L loss
October 7 Garvesh Raskutti, SAMSI Leverage-score sampling for linear regression
October 21 Brian J. Reich, North Carolina State University New approaches to Bayesian variable selection in high-dimensional settings
October 28 James G. Scott, University of Texas at Austin Bayesian Inference for Logistic Models using Polya-Gamma Data Augmentation
November 4 Tyler VanderWeele, Harvard University Surrogate Measures and Consistent Surrogates
November 11 François Caron, Oxford University Bayesian Nonparametric Models for Bipartite Graphs
November 18 Lutz Gruber, Technische Universität München Model Selection of Regular Vine Copulas
November 25 (CANCELLED) Merlise Clyde, Duke University Bayesian Nonparametric Models, Levy Random Fields, and Stochastic Expansions
December 2 Jean-Michel Marin, Université Montpellier II Consistency of the Adaptive Multiple Importance Sampling
December 5 Valeria Espinosa, Harvard University A Bayesian Perspective on Unreplicated Factorial Experiments Using Potential Outcomes
December 9 John Storey, Princeton University Characterizing Genomic Variation from Both Known and Unknown Sources
Spring, 2013-2014 Colloquia Schedule
January 24 John Duchi, University of California, Berkeley Computation, Communication, and Privacy Constraints on Statistical Estimation
January 27 Matan Gavish, Stanford University Optimal Shrinkage of Singular Values for Matrix Denoising
January 31 Fan Yang, University of Pennsylvania Using Post-Quality of Life Measurement Information in Censoring by Death Problems
February 3 Tamara Broderick, University of California, Berkeley Feature Allocations, Paintboxes, and Probability Functions
February 5 Arash Amini, University of Michigan Pseudo-likelihood Methods for Community Detection in Large Sparse Networks
February 7 Johannes Ruf, University of Oxford Föllmer’s Measure and Options on Exploding Exchange Rates
February 10 Pierre Jacob, University of Oxford Sequential Bayesian Inference and Model Choice for Hidden Markov Models
February 14 Tracy Ke, Princeton University Covariance Assisted Screening and Estimation
February 24 Robert B. Gramacy, University of Chicago Local Gaussian Process Approximation for Large Computer Experiments
March 3 Mark Hansen, Columbia University Information Performance
March 10 Rui Tuo, SAMSI A Theoretical Framework for Calibration in Computer Models: Parametrization, Estimation and Convergence Properties
March 17 Deepak Agarwal, LinkedIn and SIGKDD Computational Advertising at LinkedIn
March 24 Peter Bickel, University of California, Berkeley Nonparametric Inference for Unlabeled Graphs
March 31 Bradley Efron, Stanford University Frequentist Accuracy of Bayesian Estimates
April 7 Arnaud Doucet, Oxford University Efficient Implementation of MCMC When Using an Unbiased Likelihood Estimator
April 14 Peng Ding, Harvard University A Paradox from Randomization-Based Causal Inference
April 16 Arman Sabbaghi, Harvard University Dilemmas in Design: Partial Aliasing, Hidden Projection, and Algebraic Properties of the Linear-Quadratic System
April 18 Simeng Han, Harvard University Statistical Methods for Indirect Comparison of Treatment Effects
May 2 David A. Watson, Harvard University A Principal Stratification Approach to Receipt of Rescue Medication in Early Escape Designs
May 5 Joseph Kelly, Harvard University Advances in the Normal-Normal Hierarchical Model
June 12 Steven Kou, National University of Singapore EM Algorithm and Stochastic Control
August 19 Jonathan Hennessy, Harvard University Topics in Experimental and Tournament Design