Date Speaker Topic
Fall, 2012-2013 Colloquia Schedule
September 10 Natesh S. Pillai, Harvard University Efficiency of Bayesian procedures and the frequentist-Bayes connection in some high dimensional problems
September 17 Jose H. Blanchet, Columbia University Monte Carlo Methods for Diffusion Processes Avoiding Random Obstacles
September 24 Erol A. Peköz, Boston University Limit theorems in discrete probability using distributional transformations
October 1 Laura A. Hatfield, Harvard Medical School Comparing block Kronecker and unstructured covariance matrix estimation in a hierarchical model for health care quality
October 15 Stephen Fienberg, Carnegie Mellon University On the Causes of Effects (jointly with GSAS Society for Law and Statistics)
October 22 Guido Sanguinetti, University of Edinburgh Hybrid stochastic models in systems biology: inferring the structure of a circadian oscillator
October 30 Bin Yu, University of California, Berkeley Stability
November 2 Neil Shephard, University of Oxford Inference on parameters for some dynamic models using sequential Monte Carlo
November 5 Alan Gelfand, Duke University Point pattern modeling for degraded presence-only data over large regions
November 12 Anima Anandkumar, University of California Irvine Latent Variable Modeling: Tensor and Graphical Approaches
November 19 (CANCELLED) Sir David Cox, University of Oxford Comparison of Separate Families of Hypotheses
November 26 Scotland Leman, Virginia Tech Bayesian Visual Analytics
Spring, 2012-2013 Colloquia Schedule
February 1 Cassandra Pattanayak, Harvard University A Potential Outcomes, and Typically More Powerful, Alternative to "Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel"
February 4 Jose Zubizarreta, University of Pennsylvania Using Mixed Integer Programming for Matching in Observational Studies: Effect of the 2010 Chilean Earthquake on Posttraumatic Stress
February 6 Yuval Benjamini, University of California, Berkeley Exploring Image Representation in the Visual Cortex using Encoding Models
February 11 Fabrizia Mealli, Università di Firenze Using Secondary Outcomes and Covariates to Sharpen Inference in Randomized Experiments with Noncompliance
February 15 Gourab Mukherjee, Stanford University Minimax Estimation of High-Dimensional Predictive Densities
February 19 Caroline Uhler, UC Berkeley and IST Austria Geometric Constraints in Causal Inference and Chromosome Packing
February 21 Matthew Stephens, University of Chicago Statistical Methods for Association Analysis: Multiple Phenotypes, Multiple Variants, Multiple Subgroups
February 25 Matthew Reimherr, University of Chicago Association Studies with Functional Phenotypes
February 27 Anirban Bhattacharya, Duke University Bayesian Shrinkage
March 25 Richard Samworth, University of Cambridge Log-Concave Density Estimation with Applications
April 5 Viktoriia Liublinska, Harvard University Sensitivity Analysis using Enhanced Tipping-Point Displays for Studies with Partially Missing Outcomes
April 8 Nando de Freitas, University of British Columbia Big Data: Statistical and Computational Challenges and Opportunities
April 12 Aurore Delaigle, University of Melbourne Classification Using Censored Functional Data
April 15 Nancy Zhang, University of Pennsylvania Models and Statistics for Detection of Genome Structural Variation
April 23 Bo Jiang, Harvard University Partition Models for Variable Selection and Interaction Detection
April 25 Alexander W. Blocker, Harvard University Template-based Estimation of Genome-wide Nucleosome Positioning via Distributed HMC
April 29 Francesca Dominici, Harvard University Bayesian Effect Estimation Accounting for Adjustment Uncertainty
May 1 Nathan Stein, Harvard University Catalytic Priors for Empirical Bayes Modeling
May 3 Xiao Thomas Tong, Harvard University Fast Analysis of Dynamic Systems via Gaussian Emulator
May 6 Samuel Wong, Harvard University Efficient Sampling Methods for Protein Structure Refinement
May 8 Xiaojin Xu, Harvard University Thank God that Regressing Y on X is Not the Same as Regressing X on Y: Direct and Indirect Residual Augmentations
May 9 Andrew Vesper, Harvard University A Time Dynamic Pair Copula Construction
August 15 Jonathan Bischof, Harvard University Estimating Consumer Lifetime Value with Multivariate Poisson Process Regression
August 28 Lei Guo, Harvard University How Different People Are: A Biclustering Analysis of Human Genome