Date Speaker Topic
Fall, 2010-2011 Colloquia Schedule
September 13 Jun S. Liu, Harvard University Bayesian Partition Models for Detecting Interactions
September 20 Reuven Rubinstein, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Randomized Algorithms with Splitting: Why the Classic Randomized Algorithms do not Work and how to make them Work
October 4 Michael Lavine, University of Massachusetts-Amherst Subjective Likelihood for Assessing Trends in the Ocean's Mixed-Layer Depth
October 18 Peter Qian, University of Wisconsin-Madison Designs for Complex System Simulations, Cross-validation and Stochastic Optimization
October 25 Patrick Perry, Harvard University A Point Process Model for Repeated Interactions with Applications to Email Traffic Analysis
November 8 George Casella, University of Florida Estimation in Dirichlet Process Random Effects Models
November 15 Michael Mahoney, Stanford University Community Structure in Large Social and Information Networks
Spring, 2010-2011 Colloquia Schedule
January 6 Zhan Li, Harvard University "Self-Consistent" Estimator: Theories and Applications
January 26 Kwai Hung Henry Lam, Harvard University Large Deviations Computation for Large Loss Systems: A Point Process Approach
February 7 Carl N. Morris, Harvard University Evaluating Multi-level Shrinkage Procedures
February 14 Raj Chetty, Harvard University How Does Your Kindergarten Classroom Affect Your Earnings? Evidence from Project Star
February 22 Dawn Woodard, Cornell University Online Model-Based Clustering for Crisis Identification in Distributed Computing
March 7 Linda Zhao, University of Pennsylvania Valid Statistical Inference after Model Selection
March 21 Fabrizia Mealli, Università di Firenze A Bayesian Semiparametric Approach to Intermediate Variables in Causal Inference
March 28 Alexandros Beskos, University College of London Hybrid Monte Carlo in High Dimensions
April 4 Cosma Shalizi, Carnegie Mellon University When Bayesians Can't Handle the Truth
April 11 Zhiqiang Tan, Rutgers University On Calibration for Survey Sampling and Missing Data Problems
April 18 Yazhen Wang, University of Wisconsin Quantum Computation and Quantum Simulation
April 19 Xianchao Xie, Harvard University SURE shrinkage Estimation in Heteroscedastic Hierarchical Models
April 25 Herman K. van Dijk, Erasmus University Rotterdam A Class of Adaptive EM-based Importance Sampling Algorithms for Efficient and Robust Posterior and Predictive Simulation
April 28 Kari Lock, Harvard University Rerandomization to Improve Covariate Balance in Randomized Experiments
May 2 Kevin Bartz, Harvard University Monte Carlo Methods on Random Fields: Brains, Networks, Proteins
May 9 Roee Gutman, Harvard University An Outcome-Free Procedure for Interval Estimation of Causal Effects
May 23 Cassandra Wolos Pattanayak, Harvard University A Bayesian Method for Estimating Efficacy, Relative Risk, and Odds Ratios in the Presence of Strata