Date Speaker Topic
Fall, 2007-2008 Colloquia Schedule
September 17 Xiao-Li Meng, Harvard University A Semi-Theoretician's Mid-Day Confession: The True Meaning of i.i.d. in (Applied) Statistics
September 24 Tianxi Cai, Harvard University and Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Development, Evaluation and Comparison of Prediction Rules Based on A Panel of Markers
October 1 Chunming Zhang, University of Wisconsin-Madison Semiparametric Detection of Significant Activation for Brain fMRI
October 10 John Storey, University of Washington Dependence in Multiple Testing
October 15 Ming-Jun Lai, University of Georgia Approximation of the Functional Linear Model using Bivariate Splines
October 22 Haipeng Xing, Columbia University Stochastic Change-Point ARX-GARCH Models and their Applications to Econometric Time Series
November 5 Jeffrey Rosenthal, University of Toronto Adaptive MCMC: Challenges and Opportunities
November 19 Harrison Zhou, Yale University Variance Stabilization Transformations and Adaptive Nonparametric Estimation
November 26 Lee Jones, University of Massachusetts Lowell Local Minimax Estimation, Fusion in Machine Learning and Overcoming the Curse of Dimensionality
December 3 Liisa Holm, University of Helsinki and Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Evolutionary and Functional Classification of Protein Sequences
December 10 William DuMouchel, Lincoln Technologies A New Family of Link Functions Extending Logistic Regression
December 13 Tony Cai, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania Functional Data Analysis: Prediction and Classification
Spring, 2007-2008 Colloquia Schedule
February 6 Eric Tchetgen, Harvard School of Public Health Higher Order Influence Functions for Causal and Missing Data Models
February 15 Kshitij Khare, Stanford University From Markov Chains to Gaussian Priors and back
February 19 Ethan Anderes, University of California at Berkeley Two Topics in Spatial Statistics: Estimating Cloud Height from Multi-angle Satellite Imagery and Deformed Random Fields
February 20 Bodhisattva Sen, University of Michigan Bootstrap in some Non-standard Problems
February 25 Ying Hung, Georgia Tech Binary Time Series Modeling with Application to Adhesion Frequency Experiments
February 27 Edoardo Airoldi, Princeton University Bayesian Analysis of Complex Biological Systems
February 29 Wenguang Sun, University of Pennsylvania A New Framework for Large-Scale Multiple Testing: Compound Decision Theory and Data-Driven Procedures
March 3 Yingying Fan, Harvard University A Unified Approach to Model Selection and Sparse Recovery Using Regularized Least Squares
March 10 Alan Agresti, University of Florida Score and Pseudo-Score Confidence Intervals for Categorical Data Analyses
March 17 Julia Lin, Center for Multicultural Mental Health Research and Harvard Medical School Longitudinal Nested Compliance Class Model in the Presence of Time-Varying Noncompliance
March 31 Jun Liu, Harvard University Inference of Patterns and Associations Using Dictionary Models
April 4 Bradley Efron, Stanford University Simultaneous Inference: When Should Hypothesis Testing Problems Be Combined?
April 7 Jonathan Taylor, Stanford University The Integral Geometry of Random Level Sets
April 18 Francesca Dominici, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health How Risky is Breathing? Statistical Methods in Air Pollution Risk Estimation
April 18 Alfred Hero, University of Michigan Entropic Graphs for High Dimensional Data Analysis (jointly with Electrical Engineering Department)
April 21 Shaw-Hwa Lo, Columbia University A Method of Discovering Influential Variables
April 28 Robert Adler, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology On the Topology Behind Topology Based Inference
May 5 Herman K. van Dijk, Erasmus University Rotterdam On Reliable and Efficient Simulation for Possibly Ill-behaved Posteriors: Some Experiments with Neural Network Sampling with Applications to Instrumental Variables Models, Mixture Processes and Option Evaluations
May 7 Jingchen Liu, Harvard University Rare-event Simulation for Heavy-tailed Multi-server Queues
May 8 Xiaodan Fan, Harvard University Bayesian Meta-analysis for Identification of Cell Cycle-regulated Genes