Date Speaker Topic
Fall, 2006-2007 Colloquia Schedule
September 18 Arthur P. Dempster, Harvard University The Dempster-Shafer Calculus for Statisticians
September 21 Heping Zhang, Yale School of Public Health Genetic Studies for Ordinal Traits
September 25 John Quackenbush, Harvard School of Public Health Stochasticity and Networks in Genomic Data
October 2 Jan Hannig, Colorado State University On Fiducial inference -- the good, the bad and the ugly
October 12 Tomohiro Ando, Graduate School of Business Administration, Keio University Bayesian predictive information criterion for the evaluation of hierarchical Bayesian and empirical Bayes models
October 16 Ingram Olkin, Stanford University An overview of meta-analysis; history plus issues
October 23 Kung-Sik Chan, University of Iowa Exploring and analyzing nonlinearity and nonadditivity
October 30 Joseph Gastwirth, George Washington University On statistical problems arising in the legal setting
November 6 Tian Zheng, Columbia University Evaluating the reproducibility of two studies of a large number of objects: modified Kendall rank-order association test
November 8 Bin Yu, University of California, Berkeley Feature selection through Lasso: model selection consistency and the Blasso algorithm
November 13 Elias Shiu, University of Iowa Dynamic fund protection
November 15 Peter Bouman, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University Estimating the value of a single marketing contact
November 20 Siamak Sorooshyari, Bell Laboratories–Lucent Technologies A multivariate statistical approach to performance analysis of wireless communication systems
November 27 Charles Lawrence, Brown University Abuse of the Mode and an Alternative Ensemble Based Estimator
December 6 Bernd Sturmfels, University of California, Berkeley Semigraphoids, Permutohedra, and Mice
December 11 Mark Glickman, Boston University School of Public Health Bayesian Optimal Design of Knockout Tournaments
December 13 Alfred Hero, University of Michigan Information extraction from large scale sensor networks
Spring, 2006-2007 Colloquia Schedule
January 29 Benjamin Olding, Harvard University Modeling the Video Microscopy of Sparks
February 5 Seth Sullivant, Harvard University Algebraic Geometry of Gaussian Bayesian Networks
February 12 Wei Sun, University of California, Los Angeles Detection of eQTL Modules Mediated by Activity Levels of Transcription Factors
February 15 Zhibiao Zhao, University of Chicago Confidence Bands in Nonparametric Time Series Regression
February 16 Yingying Fan, Princeton University High Dimensional Classification Using Features Annealed Independence Rules
February 20 Jinchi Lv, Princeton University Sure Independence Screening for Ultra-High Dimensional Feature Space
February 23 Abel Rodriguez, Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences, Duke University The Nested Dirichlet Process
February 26 Cheng-Der Fuh, National Central University and Academia Sinica Estimation in Hidden Markov Models via Efficient Importance Sampling
March 1 Tirthankar Dasgupta, School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology Robust Parameter Design for Automatically Controlled Systems and Nanostructure Synthesis
March 5 Hanna Jankowski, University of Washington Empirical Process Limits under Model Misspecification
March 12 Kjell Doksum, University of Wisconsin, Madison Dimension Reduction and Tuning Parameter Selection in Regression
March 22 Ivan Selesnick, Polytechnic University Laplace Random Vectors in AWGN and the Higher-Density Wavelet Transform
April 2 Zhiliang Ying, Columbia University Semiparametric Transformation Models for Survival Data
April 9 Paul Glasserman, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University Estimating Price Sensitivities Through Monte Carlo
April 16 Nicoleta Serban, School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology High-Dimensional NMR Spectral Peak Analysis for Protein Structure Studies
April 23 Darrell Duffie, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University Frailty Correlated Default
Environmental Statistics Series: Space-Time Statistical Modeling
April 25-26 Michael Stein, University of Chicago Lectures I and II: Models and Diagnostics for Spatial and Spatial-Temporal Processes
April 27 Michael Stein, University of Chicago Lecture III: Statistical Processes on a Global Scale
April 27 Hongkai Ji, Harvard University Decoding Mammalian Gene Regulatory Programs through Efficient Microarray, ChIP-chip and Sequence Analysis
April 30 Surajit Ray, Boston University Modal Inference and its Application to High-Dimensional Clustering
May 11 Yoonjung Lee, Harvard University Inferring Hidden Network Structure Dynamics in Hedge Fund Returns
May 7 Francis In, Monash University, Clayton Vic, Australia Horizon Effects on Hedge Funds Neutrality
May 15 D. James Greiner, Harvard University Potential Outcomes And Causal Effects of Immutable Characteristics