Date Speaker Topic
Fall, 2005-2006 Colloquia Schedule
September 19 Donald B. Rubin, Harvard University Causal inference when Faced with "Censoring" Due to Death
September 26 Victor de la Peña, Columbia University Self-Normalized Processes in Dependent Variables
October 3 Lucila Ohno-Machado, Harvard University Biomedical Informatics
October 17 Emery N. Brown, Harvard Medical School Application of the State-Space Model Paradigm to Neural Data Analysis
October 20 Hans Schneeweiss, University of Munich The Effect of Microaggregation on the Estimation of a Linear Model
October 24 Erol Pekoz, Boston University Do more hospital beds in an area induce excess demand?
October 26 Gary King, Harvard University Demographic Forecasting
October 31 Thomas Lee, Colorado State University Non-Stationary Signal Segmentation and Cellular Automata Pattern Generation using Minimum Description Length
November 7 Martin Z. Bazant, MIT Stochastic Conformal Mapping and Transport-limited Aggregation
November 14 Xihong Lin, Harvard University Nonparametric and Semiparametric Regressionfor Longitudinal/Clustered Data and High-Dimensional Data
November 21 (CANCELLED) Charles J. Geyer, University of Minnesota Le Cam Made Simple: Asymptotics of Maximum Likelihood without the LLN or CLT or Sample Size Going to Infinity
November 21 Jose Blanchet, Harvard University Exact Sampling and Rates of Convergence to Stationarity via Minorization and Drift Conditions
November 28 Jun Pan, MIT Default and Recovery Implicit in Term Structure of Sovereign CDS Spreads
December 5 Andrew Lo, MIT Adjusting Performance Statistics and Simulated Returns FOR Backtest Bias
December 12 Seth Sullivant, Harvard University Algebraic Statistics
Spring, 2005-2006 Colloquia Schedule
February 6 Armin Schwartzman, Stanford University Random Ellipsoids and False Discovery Rates: Statistics for Diffusion Tensor Imaging Data
February 8 Carl N. Morris, Harvard University Constructing, approximating, and evaluation multi-level inferential procedures
February 10 Fan Lu, University of Wisconsin Kernel Regularization and Dimension Reduction
February 13 Roderick Little, University of Michigan School of Public Health A Bayes/Frequentist Roadmap
February 21 Jie Yang, University of Chicago Exchangeable Cluster Processes for Classification Problems
February 24 Jimin Ding, University of California at Davis Join Modelling of Survival and Longitudinal Data
February 27 Leila Mohammadi, University of Leidon Optimal asymptotic bounds for errors in classification
March 3 Joseph Blitzstein, Stanford University Generating Random Graphs with Given Degrees: Algorithms and Importance Sampling
March 6 Balakanapathy Rajaratnam, Cornell University Marginal Likelihood Inference for the Eigenvalues of Covariance Matrices
March 13 Rima Izem, Harvard University Spatial Analysis of Unemployment Rates in Germany
April 3 Edward I. George, Wharton School, Univ. of Pennsylvania BART: Large Finding Low Dimensional Structure in High Dimensional Data
April 5 Lee E. Edlefsen, ExaMetrix Techniques and Open Source Tools for the Interactive Visualization of Huge Multivariate Data Sets
April 10 Peter Glynn, Stanford University  
April 17 Susan Murphy, University of Michigan Experiments and Dynamic Treatment Regimes