Date Speaker Topic
Fall, 2003-2004 Colloquia Schedule
September 19 Mayetri Gupta, Harvard University Stochastic Models for Sequence Pattern Discovery
September 22 Zhiyi Chi, University of Chicago Filtering for Point Processes and Its Applications
September 29 Hani Doss, Ohio State University A Meta-Analysis of Studies on the Association of the Platelet PLA Polymorphism of Glycoprotein IIIA and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease
October 6 L.J. Wei, HSPH Harvard University Resampling Methods by Perturbing Estimating Function or Minimand
October 20 Fred A. Wright, University of North Carolina Mapping Tumor Suppressor Genes Using Loss of Hererozygosity
October 27 Prakash Shenoy, Kansas University Making Decisions with Order of Magnitude Probabilities
November 10 Dylan Small, Univeristy of Pennsylvania Overidentifying Restrictions Tests and Sensitivity Analysis for Instrumental Variables Regression
November 24 Hal Stern, Univeristy of California, Irvine Sample Size Calculation for Finding Unseen Species
Spring, 2003-2004 Colloquia Schedule
February 9 David Reich, Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School Applying Statistical Genetics To Find Genes For Multiple Sclerosis and Prostate Cancer in African American Populations
February 12 Aleksandra B. Slavkovic, Department of Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University Statistical Disclosure Limitation Beyond the Margins
February 13 Noureddine El Karoui, Stanford University, Department of Statistics The Tracy-Widom law holds when $n, p, p/n \rightarrow \infty$, with application to PCA
February 17 Jose Blanchet, Stanford University, Department of Management Science and Engineering Limit Theorems and Approximations in Risk Theory and Queueing Theory
February 19 Peter Radchenko, Yale University, Department of Statistics Asymptotics in K-Means Clustering
February 23 Mathias Drton, University of Washington, Department of Statistics Terative Conditional Fitting for Gaussian Ancestral Graph Models
February 25 Steve Self, Professor of Biostatistics, University of Washington Fitting Dynamical Models with Active Noise
March 1 Nir Friedman, Hebrew University [on sabbatical leave at Harvard DEAS] Structural EM for Model Selection in Graphical Models
March 3 Rima Izem, University of North Carolina, Department of Statistics Analysis of Nonlinear Variation in Curves, New Look at Genetic Tradeoffs
March 23 Nicolas Apostolopoulos, Freie University Berlin, Center for Digital Systems (CeDiS) New Statistics and the Statistical Lab: A Media Based Interactive Learning Environment
April 5 Kerby Shedden, Assistant Professor, University of Michigan, Department of Statistics Structure/Activity Analysis of Chemosensitivity Cariation
May 5 Elizabeth Stuart, Harvard University, Department of Statistics Matching Methods for Estimating Causal Effects Using Multiple Control Groups
May 6 Shane Jensen, Harvard University, Department of Statistics Statistical Techniques for Examining Gene Regulation
May 10 Samantha Cook, Harvard University, Department of Statistics Modeling Monotone Nonlinear Disease Progression and Checking the Correctness of the Associated Software
May 19 Calvin Chiu, Harvard University, Department of Statistics Belief Functions Applied to Reliability Testing and Product Improvement