Date Speaker Topic
Fall, 2002-2003 Colloquia Schedule
September 16 Ying Nian Wu, UCLA Statistical Models for Natural Sciences
September 23 Junni Zhang, Harvard University A New Causal Inference Framework to Address 'Censoring by Death' in Randomized Studies
September 30 Mary Sarah McPeek, University of Chicago Statistical Methods for Detection of Pedigree Relationship Errors in Genetic Linkage Data
October 21 Richard Runze Li, Penn State University Model Selection for Semiparametric Modeling in Longitudinal Data Analysis
October 28 Joseph Hogan, Brown University Bayesian Factor Analysis for Spatially Correlated Data, with Application to Summarizing Area-Level Material Deprivation Using Census Data
November 4 David Siegmund, Stanford University Mapping Complex and Quantitative Traits
November 25 Andrew Lo, MIT An Econometric Model of Performance Smoothing and Illiquidity in Hedge Fund Returns
December 2 Kathryn Roeder, CMU Evolutionary-Based Association Analysis Using Haplotype Data
December 9 Coen A. Bernaards, UCLA Robustness of a Multivariate Normal Approximation for Imputation of Incomplete Categorical Data
December 13 Dianne Cook, Iowa State University Classification Tours Applied to Microarray Data
Spring, 2002-2003 Colloquia Schedule
March 3 Yongzhao Shao, Columbia University Likelihood Ratio Analysis Under Non-Standard Conditions
April 14 Dan Nicolae, University of Chicago Measuring Relative Information with Application to Genetics
April 21 Donald B. Rubin, Harvard University Anthrax Vaccine Trials: Missing and Surrogate Outcomes, and Direct and Indirect Causal Effects
April 25 Marc Genton, North Carolina State University Skew-Symmetric and Skew-Elliptical Distributions: A Trip Beyond Normality
April 28 Carlos Morales, Worchester Polytechnic Institute Estimating Smoothness in Biomedical Signals
May 2 Michael Lavine, Duke University A Marginal Ergodic Theorem
May 5 Mark Irwin, Ohio State University Nonparametric Linkage Analysis Via Sequential Imputation
May 8 Daniel Sorensen, Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences Evaluating Models for Genetically Structured Residual Variances
May 12 David Esch, Harvard University Extensions and Applications of Three Statistical Models