Date Speaker Topic
Fall, 2001-2002 Colloquia Schedule
September 17 Susan A. Murphy, University of Michigan, HSPH Harvard University Estimating Optimal Rules for Dynamic Treatment Regimes (Sequential Decisions)
October 1 S.C. Samuel Kou, Harvard University Modeling Growth Stocks via Size Distribution
October 22 Thomas Lee, Colorado State University Solutions toThree Practical Imaging Problems
October 29 Peter Clote, Boston College Mitochondrial Eve and Population Bottlenecks
November 5 Ji Meng Loh, Columbia University Estimating Large-Scale Structure of the Universe from QSO Absorber Catalogs
November 9 Stephen Blyth, Morgan Stanley IS THERE SCIENCE ON WALL STREET OR JUST EX-SCIENTISTS? Experiences of Statistics Ph.D. in the US Derivatives Market
November 19 Duncan Murdoch, University of Western Ontario Perfect Sampling for Bayesian Mixture Priors
November 26 Racei Yucel, Harvard Medical School Computational Tools for Missing Values in Multivariate Multilevel Data
December 3 Mark E. Glickman, Boston University Live Action Statistics: Enhancing Statistics Classes with Magic Tricks and Songs
December 6 Nathaniel Schenker, CDC Survival Analysis Using Auziliary Veriables via Multiple Imputation, with Application to AIDS Clinical Trial Data
December 10 Fabrizia Mealli, Harvard University Analyzing A Randomized Trial on Breast Self-Examination with Noncompliance and Missing Outcomes
Spring, 2001-2002 Colloquia Schedule
February 4 Guido Imbens, University of California, Berkeley Estimation of Average Treatment Effects Under Ignorable Treatment Assignment
February 11 Edward George, Wharton/U Penn Dilution Priors for Model Uncertainty
March 4 Carlos Rivero, Visitor, Harvard University From A EM-Type Algorithm to the Stochastic Approximations in Models with Grouped Data and Generl Errors
March 11 Bing Li, Pennsylvania State University Dimension Reduction for Conditional Mean in Regression
March 21 George C. Tiao, University of Chicago The SAR Procedure: A Diagnostic Analysis of Heterogeneous Data
April 1 Grace Wahba, University of Wisconsin Nonstandard Multicategory Support Vector Machines for Classification
April 8 Andrew Strahs, Harvard School of Public Health Multipoint Fine-Scale Linkage Disequilibrium Mapping by the Decay of Haplotype Sharing
April 29 Hong Yu Zhao, Yale University Genetic Association Studies Using Unrelated Individuals
May 6 Shaw-Hwa Lo, Columbia University A Haplotype-Based Multiple Marker Screening Method
May 13 Ruoxi Tang, Harvard University Fitting and Evaluating Certain Two-Level Hierarchical Models
June 17 Rostislav Protassov, Harvard University Multivariate generalized hyperbolic distributions with fixed$\lambda$: parameter estimation via maximum likelihood and Bayesian methods
July 22 Claudia Pedroza, Harvard University Modeling and Forecasting of Mortality Rates
August 19 Robert G. Aykroyd, Univ. of Leeds, U.K. Bayesian Approaches to Inverse Problems in Archaeology and Industrial Process Engineering