Harvard Statistics Department

A Trilogy of Statistics Interviews

Joseph Blitzstein contributed the following items that seemed worthy for preservation.

A great interview with Carl Morris appears in Chance magazine:


It's a wide-ranging discussion of the intersection of sports statistics and hierarchical models, inference, big data, and more.

Continuing the interview series, here is a great one with Xiao-Li Meng, conducted by Stat alumni Jessica Hwang and Keli Liu, from the ICSA Bulletin. It's filled to the brim with career and life advice, reflections on the connections between life and statistics, open problems, and thoughts on the big picture in statistics.


Where else will you find out the connections between fishing and research, or that "Taylor expansion is about sorting out your priorities in life"?

And to conclude the trilogy, here is yet another great one with Donald Rubin, from Statistical Science:


It's teeming with insights and history about Don's journey from physics to psychology to CS to statistics, the origins of EM, the importance of starting with a real problem, and much more.