Herman Chernoff

Special Invited Papers

Large Sample Theory: Nonparametric Case, special invited paper IMS Annual Meeting, Berkeley, California, 1955

Optimal Stochastic Control, Wald Lectures, IMS Annual Meeting, Madison, Wisconsin, 1968

Lectures in Pattern Recognition, National Science Foundation, sponsored Regional Conference, Clemson University, South Carolina, July - August, 1971

Sequential Analysis and Optimal Design, 8th Regional Conference in Applied Mathematics, Sponsored by National Science Foundation - Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico, Summer, 1972

The Identification of an Individual in a Large Population, Fisher Lecture, Atlanta Meeting of IMS and ASA in August, 1975

Problems in Stationary Stochastic Control, Forum Lecture at 10th European Meeting of Statisticians at Leuven, August, 1977

Some History of Sequential Analysis, Pfizer Lecture at University of Connecticut, February, 1989

Kullback-Leibler Information for Ordering Genes Using Sperm Typing and Radiation Hybrid Mapping, Krishnaiah Visiting Scholar Colloquium, Pennsylvania State University, January, 1993

The Distribution of the Likelihood Ratio for Mixtures of Distributions with Applications to Genetics, Craig Lectures at the University of Iowa, March, 1993

Something Apparently New About 2*2 Tables. Bernoulli Lecture. Joint Meeting of Bernoulli Society, IMS at University of North Carolina, June 1994

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