Herman Chernoff


B.S. (Mathematics), City College of New York, 1943

M. Sc. (Applied Mathematics), Brown University, 1945

Ph.D. (Applied Mathematics), Brown University, 1948

Academic Positions

Research Associate (Instructor) Cowles Commission for Research in Economics, University of Chicago, 1948-1949

Assistant Professor Mathematics, University of Illinois (Urbana), 1949-1950

Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Illinois (Urbana), 1950-1952

Associate Professor of Statistics, Stanford University, 1952-1956

Professor of Statistics, Stanford University, 1956-1974

Professor of Applied Mathematics, M.I.T., 1974-1985

Professor Emeritus of Applied Mathematics, M.I.T., 1985-

Professor of Statistics, Harvard University, 1985-1997

Professor Emeritus of Statistics Harvard University, 1997-

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