Professional Activities & Awards

Professional Activities

IMS Council, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 1998-2002.

American Statistical Association:
     Chair, Section on Bayesian Statistical Science (1999-2001)
     ASA-SIAM Series on Statistics and Applied Probability Editorial Board (1998-2000)
     ASA Videotaping Committee (1993-present)

Editor, Theory and Methods, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 1983-1985.

Publications Committee, American Statistical Association, 1983-85.

Board of Directors, American Statistical Association, 1984.

Committee on Applied and Theoretical Statistics, National Research Council, 1989-1992,

     and CATS Subcommittee on Combining Information, 1990-1992.

Executive Editor, Statistical Science, 1989-1991.


Statistics in Sports Award, 1998. ASA Section on Statistics in Sports.

Paper on Natural Exponential Families with Quadratic Variance Functions selected
      for Breakthroughs in Statistics,Vol. III, 1997.

Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in Behavorial Sciences, Stanford University, 1993-1994.

Executive Editor, Statistical Science, 1989-1991.

Fellow, Institute of Mathematical Statistics.

Fellow, American Statistical Association.

Fellow, Royal Statistical Association.

Elected Member, International Staistical Institute.

Craig Lecturer, Department of Statistics, University of Iowa, 1987.

Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Special Invited Paper, 1986.

American Statistical Association, General Methodology Lecturer, 1982.

Texas Statistician of the Year, 1984. Owen Award for Resarch, Service and Consulting, ASA Chapters of Texas.

Editor, Journal of the America Statistical Asosciation, Theory and Methods, 1983-1985.

Tau Beta Pi, California Institute of Technology, 1960.