Harvard Statistics Commencement 2012

2012 Ph.D. recipients: Tae Yeon Kwon, Chao Du, Li Zhu, Bronwyn Loong, Sergiy Nesterko, and Martin Lysy

All received A.M. in 2012: Hui Xue (Tommy), Hyunyong Noh, Fan Iris Wu, Luxi Guo, Jieqi Chen,
Zhuo Ming Yang, Hyungsuk Tak, Peter Galea, Michael Greene
Omar Wasow, Sunghwan Moon, Hossein Soufiani

All received A.B. in 2012: Laura Sampson, Kristen Hunter, Zhuo Ming Yang, Martin Ye, Michael Chen, Michael Oberst

Prof. Xiao-Li Meng, department chair, in the middle of everything.

Martin Lysy, surrounded by Prof. Don Rubin and Dr. Casey Pattanayak