Founded in 1981, Genzyme today is one of the most established biotechnology companies in the world. With numerous products and services helping patients in over 80 countries, Genzyme is a global leader in the effort to develop and apply the most advanced capabilities in the life sciences to address a range of unmet medical needs. Genzyme-sponsored research and development has led to the introduction of new treatments for many serious health problems, from rare and debilitating genetic diseases to renal disease, orthopaedic injuries and surgical scarring. The company's international R&D team and state-of-the-art bioengineering and manufacturing facilities are continually at work identifying new opportunities to meet the health care challenges of the future. With headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Genzyme has over 5,600 employees working in 40 countries and 2003 revenues of $1.58 billion. Genzyme leverages a broad range of scientific platforms and innovative technologies to drive its product development program, both internally and with its partners. The company's areas of expertise include biomaterials, cell and protein therapeutics, diagnostic products, drug discovery, genetics, genomics, and polymer-based medicines. Genzyme's pipeline spans all stages of product development and a wide spectrum of disease, with focus areas in rare genetic disorders, renal disease, immune-mediated disease, heart disease and cancer.

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